Date Confirmation and Guest Update

We're happy to announce that the date has been set at Saturday, 30th August 2014.

Actually we were hoping that it would be Friday the 29th, the day before. That date had been the only date available to a special guest that was to fly in from Korea to meet fans. We tried our best to make it happen, but unfortunately that didn't end up happening due to scheduling conflicts.

Almost all of the budget has gone towards the securing of an outstanding venue and excellent production, to re-launch the UK round of the K-Pop World Festival competition into the awesome spectacle that it should always have been. We will be posting full details about the venue and all the amazing production that will be used very soon.

We're still building trust in this event with certain partners, who can help secure the guests in future. The success of the event will guarantee having some of the people you really want to see attending next year, so please do help us to show the K-Pop agencies that there is still passion and desire to see K-Pop in the UK again!


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