Introduction to the London Final of the K-Pop World Festival

I think we're all excited about the UK re-launch of the K-Pop World Festival. It's always been a great place for ardent K-Pop fans and budding performers to really showcase their passion for the artists that they're covering and the real talent that we know the British fans have.

The annual K-Pop World Festival launched in 2011, with the support of the Korean government and the city of Changwon. It was to help promote Korean pop culture and provide a global stage for passionate K-Pop fans to perform covers of their favourite artists, alongside the real idols.

In the past four years, between 40 and 70 countries have taken part annually to showcase the best of their nation's fans. While there have been the obvious American, Chinese and Japanese contestants, less obvious places like Ukraine, Kenya and Uzbekistan have all had their artists performing on stage to tens of thousands of fans with the likes of EXOB.A.P, Miss A, A Pink and more.

Not only that, those performances are broadcast on national television in Korea, but then subtitled and broadcast on the KBS WORLD service all around the world. Is it any wonder that some contestants have been picked up by record labels and entertainment agencies?

Did I also mention that all flights and accommodation in Korea will all be paid for? Oh, and also that finalists usually get to visit Music Bank recordings and learn directly from the idols during their stay? The grand prize winners for each category took home $10,000 and a trophy too.

It truly is a unique opportunity.
It is an opportunity that we don't want anybody to miss.

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